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Kelly Enright



When I was a child, I wrote poems about dandelions, ants, and the willow tree in my urban backyard. In these poems, I see the origins of the slow, deliberate observation of minutiae I find so appealing in nature writing. I didn't know that was a category of writing until I was in college and took a freshman seminar with that name which is, some 25 years later, still my most memorable course. It set a spark that continues to ignite my curiosity.

My writing explores the connections between nature and culture to understand how our imaginations have shaped the way animals, plants, and landscapes have been treated throughout time. I've written both academic and general audience books and articles, aiming always for thorough research and unique perspectives on each topic. 

My passion for exploring new places and immersing myself in the outdoors has inspired all my writing and I'm looking forward to infusing more of these journeys into my future publications.

As an historian, I share stories from the past and help preserve archives and places for the future. Whether inside or outside the classroom, I aspire to share the relevancy of our shared pasts and the importance of incorporating various stories into the narratives that we create for the future.


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